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Upcoming study days

Diana supplements the Cox & Kings tours with study days that enable participants to gain additional context of the topics she covers through the artefacts and art on display at the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Golden Road to Samarkand

A free study day is offered to travellers of the Cox & Kings Golden 'Road to Samarkand Tour' led by Diana Driscoll. The study day if offered after each tour . During this day we visit the British Museum and the V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museums to view the museum's collection of the Silk Road which compliment the lectures of the tour.

British Museum, 27 January 2018

History Hit presents: Understanding the ancient Silk Roads with Peter Frankopan, with various lecturers presenting on aspects of the ancient Silk Roads.

Art Pursuit, Assurbanipal and the Assyrian Empire, 8 December 2018

The travel company ART PURSUITS offer their clients the opportunity to attend a Study Day should they be interested in coming on the Art Pursuits Tour.

Islamic Art in the Eastern Empire: Central Asia & Persia

The study day begins by focusing on early examples of Steppe culture and examines its influence on the early empires of ancient Persia. Then, the empires of the Silk Road are viewed through the Islamic art and archaeology of the Greeks, Buddhists and Chinese. The study day then ends after a visit to the V&A to explore Islamic art of the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

Mughal India: from Barbur to the British

Barbur, was the first of the Mughals Emperors, who brought to India the art and architecture, gardens and melons of Central Asia. But it was his descendants: Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan and Jahangir, whose aesthetic sensitivities, added to the Timurid culture the refined beauty of Persian and Hindu art to form what is termed Mughal Art and Culture. The study day focuses on the legacies these rulers left behind and the impact they had on the European East India Companies.